Feb 14, 2019 - 08:03 pm

GM reveals e-bike brand Ariv to launch in Europe


GM had announced plans for a pedelec line last year, and now the American carmaker is ready to launch under the label Ariv. The first two pedal-assist models, one of them a folding bike, are due to arrive in Europe’s strongest e-bike markets in summer.

General Motors had turned to the crowd to find a name for their electric bicycle line back in November and Ariv it is. The first two models are dubbed the Meld, a compact e-bike and the Merge, the latter being a folding pedelec.

GM has not delivered any technical details but claims to have relied on their in-house expertise for both the electric motor and the battery that looks indeed neatly integrated. The press release states the drive was “built from the ground up specifically for Ariv eBikes”. The powerpack enables a range of up to 64 km and takes about 3.5 hours to charge, according to the manufacturer. Instead of a display, electric cyclists will find a Quad Lock mount for their smartphone to run control over the Ariv app. An integrated USB port allows riders to maintain their phone’s charge while on the go.

Both the folding e-bike and the compact model – note that the sizing is a classic automotive perspective on bikes as accessories and urban of course – are launching first in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands “due to the popularity of lithium-ion battery-powered eBikes in those markets,” states GM. In the US, the pedelecs will eventually become part of the Maven offers.

Preorders for Europe are open as of now via the online platform Bike Exchange. In Belgium and the Netherlands, the Ariv Meld costs 2.800 euros while the price for the foldable version Merge is 3.400 euros. In price-conscious Germany, both e-bike models will cost 50 euros less. Shipping to customers is scheduled to begin in Q2 of 2019.

gm.com, reuters.com


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