Swindon Powertrain electrifies original Mini

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The British company Swindon Powertrain is currently presenting a retrofitted electric version of the original Mini in London and will manufacture this in a small series. The Swind E Classic Mini is fully restored and fitted with a custom electric powertrain.

Some sixty years after the original Mini first zipped around, British motor technology company, Swindon Powertrain, is to re-release the iconic vehicle as a retrofit in electric form.

The Swind E Classic Mini combines a completely restored body with an 80 kW electric motor that has been developed in-house. The 24 kWh rechargeable battery should provide a range of 200 kilometres. The Mini can be recharged in four hours and has a fast-charging option available. The little car has an acceleration of 0-100 kph in 9.2 seconds and a top speed of 130 kph.

There are a couple of little additions, such as floor heating, USP charging ports, heated leather seats and several available colours, but the real advantage of the modern version is the extra 200 litres of space allowed since no petrol tank is required.

The limited edition of 100 electric vehicles can now be ordered at prices starting at 79,000 British pounds, (almost 90,000 euros) either as a left or right-hand drive., press release via email


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