Feb 18, 2019 - 03:54 pm

Nextmove car-sharing adds Tesla Model 3 in Germany

nextmove-tesla-model-3 (1)

The electric car rental service Nextmove of Germany has added the first four Tesla Model 3 to their fleet in Berlin. During this year, Nextmove plans to add another 100 Tesla electric cars and to make them available at all their rental stations.

Nextmove is currently present in ten German cities with 350 electric vehicles and includes most electric brands presently available. The addition of eventually a hundred Tesla Model 3, therefore, amounts to a significant increase in the company’s operating capacity.

With the delivery of the first four Tesla Model 3, Nextmove is one of the first customers to receive the electric car in Germany. Only four days ago, the first German reservation holders received their Model 3 in Frankfurt and just one and a half weeks before that, Tesla officially announced the European launch of Model 3.

For Nextmove’s managing director Stefan Moeller, the Tesla Model 3 means “a real tsunami is rolling towards Europe,” in terms of electric mobility taking off.

Nextmove has set itself the goal of allowing as many people as possible to experience electric cars. The company says that they often find that a long-term rental of one of their EVs later leads to the purchase of the customer’s first electric car.



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