Feb 18, 2019 - 01:29 pm

Renault to discontinue the Zoe Q90 with Conti drive

Renault is no longer accepting orders for the Zoe Q90 with Continental drive and 43 kW charger. This is because Renault will launch next Zoe generation in September, apparently without the Conti system.

This is the conclusion of a report by InsideEVs. When Renault introduced the Zoe in 2012/13, the French carmaker relied on Continental powertrains as standard. A few years later, Renault developed their own electric motors and power electronics with an integrated charging system for up to 22 kW, which proved to be somewhat cheaper. The two systems, R version and Q version, have since been offered in parallel.

Renault first announced the arrival of a new Zoe in its investment plan in mid-2018 – flanked by speculation that the successor could grow in size but cost-consciously use the same electric drive as its predecessor. However, they were not referring to the Conti drive, but the R110 engine introduced in spring 2018, which already delivers 12 kW more than the previous R90. In fact, the debut generation of the electric motor has been spiced up twice, in 2015 with a new engine and in 2017 with an improved battery.

For the new Zoe, Renault will probably opt for a further improved version of the R110 engine with 95 kW and a range of 400 km.

As pointed out by InsideEVs, another reason for the retirement of the existing Q version is due to the fact that the next Zoe generation will be DC fast chargeable. It is expected that the future model of the best-selling electric car will be able to charge up to 100 kW via CCS, with three-phase AC charging at 22 kW still being possible.

Renault’s Zoe is one of Europe’s most successful electric cars, being chosen for several sharing and company fleets across the continent. Renault recently announced that a cargo version of the Zoe will be added to their range of electric vehicle models this year.



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