PSA adds options for electric car drivers to Free2Move


The PSA Group is adding new features to its Free2move mobility service for electric vehicle users. The new ‘Charging Pass’ feature helps to locate and unlock over 85,000 charging stations in Europe. There is also a novel route planner designed for electric cars.

Free2Move is PSA’s unit for all car-sharing reportedly and most visibly a consumer-oriented app. The announced features add on to existing services such as parking of paying tolls through one general billing system.

For electric vehicle drivers, the new Charging Pass will allow them to find charging stations compatible with their vehicle. On top of targeted mapping, the app makes a pre-selection based on distance, as well as the speed and price of the charge.

Navigation then takes into account the remaining range and other parameters of the electric car. PSA calls it their Trip Planner and says it proposes the best route to drivers based on analysis of the vehicle’s residual autonomy and its use (speed, air conditioning, etc.). Users can prepare their trip factoring in necessary charge stops.

The new services will be available from the launch of the group’s new electrified cars in 2019. The first will be the electric vehicles Peugeot 208 and DS3 Crossback, as well as a PHEV version of their DS7 Crossback for 2019. PSA plans to introduce hybrid and electric versions across their entire vehicle line-up by 2025 reportedly.

Free2Move Services relies on a digital platform created together by Groupe PSA and Capgemini.


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