Lightning Motorcycle presents electric sportsbike


The Lightning Strike electric motorcycle was unveiled recently with a price tag of $12,998, which come with an “impressive array of specs.” Between versions top speed comes in at 135 mph to 150 mph (217 – 241 km/h). Three different versions of the bike are currently available.

This is the second electric motorcycle by the Californian company, and the predecessor LS-218 set the current record as the fastest electric motorcycle with a top sped at 351 km/h (218 mph). The follow-up doesn’t come in quite as fast, but features better ranges across the different commercially available versions. The new version checks in at place number two, tied with Energica for second fastest commercially available electric motorbike.

Next to the standard version of the bike, there is also a mid range version, as well as a Carbon Edition, coming in at the top of the range. The specs for the basic version include a 67 kW motor generating 245 Nm torque, and the above mentioned  top speed of 135 mph. The price here is $12,998. The mid range edition features a larger battery, which provides a range boost to 105-150 miles (highway-city) from the basic version’s 70-100 mile range. Charging time and weight also increase with the larger battery. The mid range version costs $16,998.

The most expensive version is the carbon edition, which pushes the range and top speed up with a 90 kW electric motor and a 20 kWh battery. This makes for a 150-200 mile range (241-322 km), as well as supporting a faster DC charging system. The price tag here starts at $19,998.

Charging times are estimated across the different versions with level 1 taking an “Overnight” period using a 110v house outlet, Level 2 charging takes 2-3 hours. Level 3 DC fast charging is also available for the electric motorbike, which allows for “100+ miles range in just 20 minutes” charging time, according to the manufacturer. The different charging options are available across all three versions of the bike, with the most expensive coming equipped with all options included.

Delivery of the electric sportsbike will start in the USA, but plans to expand internationally are expected to be announced in late 2019.,,


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