Mathieu Wijnen on strictly city-driven charging infrastructure


How to secure interoperability and data sharing as a city and where is it best to set up the next charging station? This episode of our interview series features Mathieu Wijnen, project manager for the City of Amsterdam, who is tasked with increasing charging infrastructure in the city.

In conversation with our editor Nora Manthey, Wijnen reflects on learnings from a town that has taken a strictly demand-driven approach to infrastructure as early as ten years ago and that wants to become a widely zero-emission city by 2025. Plus, what does it say about a municipality that has a slight problem of ICEing but mostly from an “EVing” perspective?!

This part of the electrive interview series was recorded at the rEVolution conference in Amsterdam, powered by EVBox.

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about „Mathieu Wijnen on strictly city-driven charging infrastructure“
Hannes Neupert
04.04.2019 um 07:16
Great interview Nora - missing questions on charging of LEVs, cargo pedelecs... That is what Amsterdamers may need as well. Parking and charging for bicycles may be the real challenge for the Amsterdam municipality! Something they might not even have started thinking about.

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