May 8, 2019 - 12:41 pm

Tesla Model 3 hitch now available in Europe


Tesla is now offering a trailer coupling for the Model 3 in Europe. It is available for the Model 3 with “Standard-Range Plus” and “Maximum Range” with rear-wheel and all-wheel drive. In Germany the option costs 1,060 euros.

With the trailer coupling made of steel with a removable ball head, the battery electric vehicle from California can pull trailers of up to 910 kilograms as well as carry bicycles and skis.

Tesla announces that due to European regulations the trailer hitch package is only available as a factory option. After delivery, Model 3 can no longer be retro-fitted with a trailer hitch. There is also no trailer coupling for the Performance version. The package itself consists of the steel rod, a removable ball neck with carrying bag, a 13-pole cable set, a control unit and a cover. The “Tow Mode” software package is also included. An important feature of this package is the special software, which suppresses the wobbling of the team by controlling individual wheel brakes.,


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