e.Go Mobile starts deliveries of limited edition electric car


Electric car start-up e.GO Mobile has started deliveries of its first model e.GO Life as announced. The company handed over the so-called e.Go First Edition units to honoraries in the EV hotbed Aachen, where StreetScooter is from as well. Still, deliveries of the freely configurated models will stretch out until autumn at least.

The small company that recently became the first company to be using Volkswagen’s incoming MEB platform had announced the delay of the standard version a few days ago. According to the statement, the first freely configurable e.GO Life electric cars will not be delivered before autumn. However, the startup emphasises in its current announcement that it intends to supply all reservation holders (around 3,300 to date) by the beginning of next year.

In an e-mail sent to our editorial staff, the company explained that “since our suppliers will not approve the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) for road use until autumn 2019 and we did not want to keep our pre-orderers waiting any longer, we first had to be content with a small series approval for which no ESP is required”. This means that the first production run is about 1,000 e.GO Life EVs, which will initially have (53 kW) and no recuperation mode.

The first such models have been handed over North-Rhine Westphalia’s head of state Armin Laschet, Aachen Mayor Marcel Philipp and Prof. Dr Ulrich Rüdiger of RWTH Aachen University.

The e.GO Life series version presented in Geneva in March has been in production in Aachen since March. Next year, the start-up wants to “switch to two-shift operation as soon as possible”. According to e.GO Mobile, the company has created more than 150 new jobs for series production to date.

While the basic version of the small electric car starts at 15,900 euros, the middle version starts at 17,400 euros. Those wanting the more powerful e.GO, will have to pay 19,900 euros. Expect to see more electric vehicles in future in the form of the e.GO Mover minibus and Life Concept Sport.

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