May 23, 2019 - 03:20 pm

BMW has plans for collapsible electric kick scooter


BMW is launching an electric kick scooter with a range of up to twelve kilometres and a speed of 20 km/h in September. Designed in cooperation with Micro Mobility Systems, the triple fold mechanism is geared towards high mobility consumers.

The new black BMW E-Scooter weighs nine kilos and looks like a lightweight. A 150-watt motor and an unspecified battery are installed “almost invisibly in the running board and rear wheel”. According to BMW, the electric pedal scooter can be fully recharged within two hours. The price is not yet known.

The new electric kick scooter was created in cooperation together with the Swiss company Micro Mobility Systems AG, which was already involved in the development of BMW’s non-electrified City Scooters. This is also noticeable in the space-saving design with folding mechanism that both scooters have in common. Micro Mobility Systems is known to many, especially in connection with the Microlino, the production of which has recently been the subject of some trouble.


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