Canada: Gillig presents first electric bus


Gillig, the second largest bus manufacturer in North America after New Flyer, has introduced a fully electric bus. The 12-meter vehicle is equipped with an electric drive from Cummins and offers a battery capacity of 444 kWh.

Gillig took the occasion of the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) Mobility Conference in Louisville, Kentucky as a base for the debut of its 40-foot battery electric bus.

It is the company’s first all-electric vehicle offering. The bus can seat 38 passengers and features a battery capacity of 444 KWh with Cummin specifying that this is the standard pack with six packs. Future variants will include a 35’ version and opportunity charging. Also part of the system are an electronic cooling package, thermal management system and air disc brakes.

The Cummins EV Drivetrain offers remote diagnostics and over-the-air connectivity. Additionally, Cummins nationwide network of service centres will be available for any maintenance concerns.

Gillig President and CEO Derek Maunus explained strong partnerships, such as the one formed with Cummins during the development of the zero-emission vehicle, played a role in the “thoughtful design” of the bus that still took the company four years.

Now the order books are open, and Gillig is planning to take the zero-emission electric bus on a nationwide tour shortly where transit operators will be able to test the bus on existing routes. Once the orders are in, the bus company will line up production for the American market accordingly.,

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Kerry Lacroix
10.08.2019 um 20:31
I would be more interested in a smaller bus for doing sightseeing tours. 27 passenger possibly?

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