Jun 4, 2019 - 11:57 am

Microlino opens order books


The online configurator for the Microlino is now activated. The Swiss electric cabin scooter can now be reserved at prices starting at 12,000 euros. As reported, the delivery start was recently postponed.

Interested parties can now configure their Microlino starting at a basic price of 12,000 euros. In Switzerland, the price list starts at CHF 13,500. The “Long Range” variant with a range of 200 instead of 125 kilometres costs 2,500 euros extra.

In addition to the free “Vienna White” paintwork, there is a choice of seven colour variants, each of which cost an additional 600. For an additional 150 euros, the EV’s black steel rims can be covered with a rim cover. For the premium interior, including fabric seats instead of plastic seats, the manufacturer estimates an additional cost of 700 euros.

In addition to the standard equipment “Townie Series”, Micro Mobility Systems also offers the “Urbanite Series”  for an extra 1,000 euros and the “Pioneer Series”  for another 1,500 euros. With added extras the Microlino in Germany therefore comes to a price of 17.450 euros, in Switzerland, the EV has a top price of 18,950 Francs.

However, those who configure and order their Microlino now will have to wait indefinitely for their electric cabin scooter. Micro Mobility recently postponed the delivery originally planned for April indefinitely. The reason for this was a dispute with the contract manufacturer Artega, who, from the Swiss point of view, delivered insufficient quality.

According to Artega, the exclusive producer of the Microlino for Europe, it is planning a competing product based on the Microlino. Accordingly, pilot production of the Karolino, allegedly technically improved in 150 points compared to the Microlino, has already begun and the market launch is scheduled for autumn: The Karolino will be presented at the IAA in September and delivered from October.

The Swiss Ouboter family behind Micro Mobility Systems suspects that the first Karolino images published by Artega actually show the Microlino. The vehicle from Delbrück is a “copy of the Microlino”, which of course “is not possible among partners”, says Ouboter. He did not indicate whether there will be a legal dispute.


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  1. J. S. Gemellas

    In the U.S.A. where the average household electric outlet only has a 115 – 120 volt output.
    Will the company that produces the Microlino have charging ability built into the vehicle to make it adaptable
    to this lower power output?

  2. Dr Lou

    Microlino should partner with Smart to develop a safe car suited for North America. Because Smart isn’t doing all that well in NA, the Isetta design might help increase sales. Thatwould be a win win for both companies.

  3. Phil O'Knee

    There is a US company called Organic Transit. They make a cute little Electric solar powered bicycle called the Elf. It cost around $10,000. Unfortunately they company Organic Transit appears to be getting a bankruptcy. If they could clean up their act, they could be very successful. Such as introducing the assembly line, modernization, and things like that by lowering costs amping up productivity it could actually be a very successful I own one of the Elves and it’s a great little vehicle.

  4. Harold Paine

    Can the Microlino be towed be a motorhome?

  5. Patricia Goodman

    When will the Microlino be on sale
    in the UK. Is there a right hand drive

    • Ginda Singh

      When will the Microlina be on sale in the UK? Is there any plans for a Right hand drive version?

  6. William

    I hope they figure it out and this electric trike sees Canada.

  7. Kim dongsub

    Can I buy it in Korea?
    If possible, when can I buy it?


    Won’t be available in the uk. Due to the expense of developing Rhd model

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