Renault Zoe data leak: 400 km-range to come?


Although the new Renault Zoe will not be presented until next week, there are already some photos and information about the small electric car from Renault circulating online.

Renault’s Zoe is among Europe’s most popular all-electric cars, neck-in-neck with Nissan’s Leaf. Nevertheless, the much loved Zoe is facing a model change – or an extensive overhaul.

Next week, on 17 June, Renault will officially launch the new version of the electric car. However, some data on the new model is already circulating on the Internet. What still remains unclear is whether the new model represents a “massive facelift” or a completely new development. Renault Germany did not want to comment when asked for confirmation of data by electrive. The response from the French company’s German headquarters in Brühl was simply that “Soon there will be more information about the new Zoe”.

Some of the technical data speculated about in a German Facebook group seem plausible: the power of the electric motor is to increase from 88 to 100 kW, the battery capacity from 41 to 52 kWh. This should make a WLTP range of 390 kilometres possible. Another new feature is the possibility of charging with direct current (100 kW) and the new model is to have a CCS socket for this. In addition, LED headlamps are to be part of the standard equipment and the interior will be upgraded. There is also speculation about a 9.3-inch touchscreen with Renault’s EasyLink system. Battery rental will remain on offer.

For confirmations of this new data, stay tuned until next week, latest.


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