How smart charging works for electric cars – Taco Van Berkel – Jedlix


Jedlix is one of those hidden champions. They work with partners such as Tesla, BMW and Renault but are almost invisible to users but provide the backdrop for services such as smart charging apps. So we wanted to learn more and spoke with the firm’s marketing director Taco van Berkel.

Van Berkel reveals how you might make money when letting your electric car have its play on the energy market, and also on how to charge EVs more intelligently, i.e. by using renewable energies and low electricity prices during off-peak hours. Still, the Jedlix service is strictly opt-in for consumers and also a question of working with OEMs such as Renault recently.

We recorded the interview with Taco Van Berkel during the rEVolution2019 conference in Amsterdam, where the electrive studio was powered by EVBox.


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