EVBox and Smappee devise smart charging solutions


The charging station manufacturer EVBox and the energy management specialist Smappee have agreed on a multi-year partnership to further develop Smart Charging and introduce intelligent charging products globally.

According to EVBox, Smart Charging will make it possible to adapt an electric car’s charging speed and time to a range of factors, including available network capacity, infrastructure operator requirements and driver needs.

The solution, further developed with Smappee technology, is distinguished by a new module in the control cabinet: this makes it possible to safely coordinate the energy consumption of the charging station with other consumers in the building. Especially during peak load times, when more devices are used, the “Dynamic Load Balancing” function should avoid overloading the network and ensure the most efficient possible use of the available power capacity.

This can be the case in office buildings, for example, where employees arrive at work  in the morning and all connect their electric cars to the charging stations. Or in the car parks of supermarkets, when all charging stations are occupied at peak times. But the solution should also be attractive for homeowners who have a PV system and can charge their e-cars with their own solar power.

EVBox Smart Charging will be available throughout Europe from July and in the USA from the end of 2019. The solution is compatible with BusinessLine and HomeLine stations from EVBox, as well as with the new Elvi stations that will be launched later this year.

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