Pre-orders open for ultra-light BEV: Nobe 100


The Nobe 100 can now be pre-ordered. The three-wheeled light-weight electric car with a retro design was first presented by Nobe Cars about a year ago. The Estonian startup is collecting production funds through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo – where the first ten models are also available at a special price.

Weighing in at just 600kg (less than half the weight of the lightest Mini), Nobe cars is focusing on sustainability. The Nobe 100 is the first-ever all-wheel-drive three-wheeled car and the world’s first electric cabrio.

While Nobe Cars was still cautious during the presentation, more technical data and prices can now be found on the Nobe Cars website: The Nobe 100 with a 21-kWh battery has a power output of 54 kW, a range of 210 km and costs 31,000 euros. The 72 kW strong Nobe 100 GT with sliding roof and 25 kWh battery is supposed to have a range of 260 km and costs 40,000 euros. The range is increased by 50 kilometres with a suitcase battery. The Nobe is a “fully upgradable EV” and can receive firmware updates.

The retro lightweight vehicle accelerates to 100 km/h in 5.9 seconds, with a maximum speed of 130 km/h. According to the manufacturer, charging the little electric car should only take two hours. However, exact charging capacities or cable types were not mentioned in the technical data.

For the manufacturers of Nobe, the car’s appeal also lies in the fact that it is “the most sustainable commercially available car on the market,” said Roman Muljar, founder and CEO of Nobe. Not only is the BEV is particularly light, it also has small batteries, and the design ensures every element of the car recyclable.

Nobe not only wants to attract enthusiasts but also, as the company declares, “conscious consumers who want to support a clean future in passenger transport”. The support is meant literally: via the “Indiegogo” platform, the makers want to collect 100,000 dollars by crowdfunding in order to start production, with a minimum investment starting at 20 dollars. The names of the investors are to be immortalised on the body of the first Nobe 100.

Customers can also order one of ten specially priced vehicles in the crowdfunding campaign. The advance sale price of $29,000 (25,800 euros) is well below the later list prices. (technical data), (price Nobe 100), (price Nobe 100 GT)


about „Pre-orders open for ultra-light BEV: Nobe 100“
Manish pathak
15.09.2019 um 09:44
Nice nobe
Harmen Schuitema
14.12.2019 um 11:27
Good looks, I am interested. Will there be a 4 wheel version?
07.08.2020 um 21:34
How soon for sale in U.S.A ? How do you get a sales / dealership here in the U.S.A ? Will there be future models that use hemp in the structure ?
12.04.2021 um 00:47
It looks really cute, it's a great idea, but the cost really is going to be its downfall. Small companies making small runs of vehicles are just not competitive. Still, that's how Tesla started....
Alex Marquez
03.05.2021 um 08:13
I want one at the 29,000 price.
Mildred Yamada
05.12.2022 um 14:06
I am interested in the sliding roof model; what about fans, heater and air conditioning? AND, would folks who are 4 ft. 8 inches be able to drive one of these transports??? This item would be ideal in the state of California, USA, in places like San Francisco; San Jose; Merced; Los Angeles; San Diego; Sacramento. Would your transport be safe in the rain and snow??

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