New York to expand DC fast charging


The New York State Public Service Commission approved the expansion of its fast-charging infrastructure program. Now fast-charging plugs at newly constructed charging stations will be eligible for an incentive.

A few months ago, the commission approved an initiative for setting up incentives for about 1,000 public fast-charging stations through a budget of $31.6 million. At the start of this month, a total of more than 4,000 EV charging points were installed across the state. Now, New York seeks to expand that network with fast-charging technology with help from Tesla and ChargePoint.

Initially, Tesla faced more opposition for public funding, due to their choice of using a plug design that only works with their own automobiles. The Commission denied Tesla’s request that their proprietary charging technology be eligible for the incentives, but Tesla may receive these incentives now if a standardised plug is co-located at the same site. It is a provision of the new programme that the station includes a standardised plug type of equal or greater charging capability as the other plugs being installed.

The initiative is planned to help electrification along, as well as provide a broader and more inclusive approach to zero-emission vehicle technology for their citizens. In a statement, regulators explained: “This modification seeks to encourage dual compatibility for all new public DCFC stations. The Commission expects this approach will promote broader utilization of public EV charging stations.”,


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