Nidec develops hybrid power system for yacht


Nidec ASI has developed and put into operation a power management system for the yacht Wider 165. The system organizes the energy consumption on the ship and supplies the cabins, the propulsion system and recharges the batteries.

Nidec supplied virtually the entire hybrid system for the yacht: The Japanese group installed the 544 kWh battery including the power management system and water-cooled drive modules, developed the DC bus architecture and supplied the inverters for the generators (4 x 350 kW) and the drive (2 x 532 kW). The yacht relies on a serial hybrid: The screw is always driven by the electric motors, the diesel serves only as generator.

While the yacht operates in electric mode, the Wider 165 can go for more than four hours at a speed of five knots. This allows the yacht to enter protected areas that would otherwise not be accessible with conventional propulsion systems on a ship.

In addition to the zero emission mode, the Nidec system has three other modes: the quick charge mode charges the batteries quickly using the generators, but the yacht can still maintain cruising speed. In “Boost” mode, maximum power is called up using power from the batteries and directly from the generators. “Low Power” mode allows the electric drive to continue working at half power in the event of a malfunction thanks to redundancy.

“Wider 165 and its twin Wider 150 are a great source of pride for me, because they illustrate the adaptability of our solutions, which have applications not only for ships and ferries, but also for vessels with unique technical needs and assemblies,” says Dominique Llonch, CEO of Nidec ASI and Chairman of Nidec Industrial Solutions.

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