Ireland to subsidise 1,000 charging stations


The Irish government announced funding for the construction of an additional 1,000 charging points for electric cars over five years. In the process, charging points will also be integrated into street lamps.

For the communities to build more charging stations, the Irish government wants to finance 75 per cent of the costs for the installation of the charging station. However, since the maximum amount is 5,000 euros, it is clear that these will probably only be AC charging stations. There are currently almost 1,100 public charging stations in Ireland.

The aim is to guarantee 200 new charging stations annually over five years. The charging stations are to be built on the roadside or in public car parks. As was reported by The Journal online, “in many cases, on-street charge points may be integrated with street lighting in a single lamp-post”. However, the report does not provide any additional details.

Richard Bruton, Minister for Communications, Climate Change and the Environment, wants to use the funding to support the target of 936,000 electric cars in Ireland, which he set out in his climate protection plan published earlier this year. “We are investing in this network to give people the confidence to make the switch,” said Bruton. This year alone, 5,000 new electric vehicles have already been added. A total of 12,500 electric vehicles (BEV and PHEV) are currently registered in Ireland.,


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