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Not too easy, rider…


In Milwaukee, USA, electric kick-scooters mishaps have again hit the headlines. Three Bird kick-scooter riders were caught on an 8-lane highway in Milwaulkee. The three men from Texas said the GPS guided them onto the interstate highway.

The easy riders were on their way to the Harley Davidson Museum. While the internet community took the story as “proof” for the stupidity of Texans, Harley Riders and kick-scooter users generally, there is, of course, a more serious side to the story.

Milwaukee has few options for micro-mobility riders (incl. bicycles, e-bikes and light electric vehicles) to get from A to B. Cyclists have little provision for safe passage access to all – or even some – parts of the city.

So with the kickscooters not allowed on footpaths either, and even then many streets don’t even have sidewalks – things do get difficult. At the same time, easy riders out there should definitely watch out when maps point to a road that just seems a little too wide…

Now that Harley Davidson is looking into electric bicycles, cities might want to accommodate for some new fans in future too.

Edited by Nora Manthey.


about „Not too easy, rider…“
29.08.2019 um 08:06
I think there is an option on maps to indicate if one is on foot or using a scooter instead of being in a car.

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