Sono reveals interior of its solar-powered Sion


Munich-based electric automobile startup Sono Motors has just revealed the interior of its solar electric car Sion, along with further details. The interior is geared for sharing with a slick, elegant design and features a plant-based air filter system.

When series production of the Sion goes ahead in the second half of 2020, a total of 260,000 vehicles are to be produced. The electric car will be launched on the market for a price of around 25,500 euros.

As the first insights into the Sion cockpit reveal, Sono puts “functionality, intuitive operability, user-friendliness and connectivity” at the centre of its design. As the solar powered compact electric car is made with car-sharing in mind, the interior of the Sion takes into account the “variety of possible uses of the vehicle through a correspondingly robust and resistant interior”. In terms of space and functionality, with this focus on usability, the standard version of the 5-door also has spatious interior and the boot volume can easily be increased from 650 litres to 1,250 litres in just a few simple steps. So too are the haptic controls characterised by a classically German, functional and elegant minimalism.

Consumption data and vehicle information can be called up via the main display where central vehicle functions can be controlled. Data on the solar range is provided directly via the 7-inch display in the steering wheel area. The model features 330 integrated solar cells that are said to produce enough electricity to add around 30 km of range per day in addition to the 250 km it carries in its 30 kWh battery.

Possibly the most startling visual aspect of the cockpit design is the breSono, a natural filter that improves the indoor climate. Island moss maintains a comfortable indoor climate by regulating humidity, while electrostatic attraction filters up to 20 per cent of particulate matter from the air. The interior greenery visuals of the moss is enhanced by lighting systems which can apparently be individually adjusted.

Needless to say, the Sion is being brought to market ex works with integrated mobility services. The goSono app enables private car sharing as well as the sharing of journeys or energy, since the vehicles bidirectional charging technology can draw, store energy and share energy. This makes the car suitable as a sharing vehicle, as well as a private or business vehicle. All mobility services will be directly controllable via the infotainment system with integrated connectivity connection in the central 10-inch display and mobile via the goSono app.

Sono Motors now has over 10,000 prepaid reservations for the Sion solar electric car throughout Europe. The car is manufactured by the SAAB successor company National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) in Sweden, now owned by Chinese property giant Evergrande, which has recently massively expanded its electric vehicle manufacturing networks.  Production will be based exclusively on renewable energy and is scheduled to start in the second half of 2020. A total of 260,000 vehicles are to be produced at the former Saab plant over a period of eight years. Further vehicle models on the vehicle’s platform are in planning., (interior images), (pdf)

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Billy Mc F
29.08.2019 um 17:01
A few renderings does not impress me. They are just another startup producing press releases and renderings. Who will fail first, Uniti or Sono Motors?

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