Honda e to appear in 2 versions and up to 220 km range


Honda will present its first electric model for the European market in serial production at the IAA and is teasing photos of the final version in advance. Furthermore, the Japanese manufacturer stated they plan to mention previously unknown details.

The electric motor of the Honda e will be available in two power ratings of 100 kW and 113 kW, with a torque of 315 Nm each. The 35.5 kWh battery is intended to provide a range of up to 220 kilometres – Honda had previously mentioned 200 kilometres. The technical data, mentioned here, still comes from the internal information from the company.

With this key data and the CCS rapid charging capability, the Honda e certainly offers more than sufficient driving performance for its intended purpose as a commuter vehicle. Honda currently estimates fuel consumption at 18 to 20 kWh per 100 kilometres – even the more powerful BMW i3, which is less aerodynamic due to its height, achieves better values.

The design of the recently published pictures seems unchanged since the presentation of the near-series prototype in spring and a preliminary driving event in July. In the current press release, Honda also mentions some details about the operation of the electric car: With the Honda Personal Assistant, there should be an intuitive language assistant with artificial intelligence (AI), which, with a mature understanding of the context, should enable as natural a conversation as possible and provide access to various online services.

The Honda Personal Assistant is activated with the words “OK Honda”, after which the actual question or instruction can take place. Through machine learning, the manufacturer asserts, the technology is able to understand the user’s voice better and better over time, thus providing increasingly accurate answers.


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