Share Now doubles electric fleet in Munich


The City of Munich and the BMW Group are expanding their cooperation in the field of e-mobility. On the basis of this partnership, the car sharing provider Share Now is expanding its Munich electric fleet from 85 at present to 200 BMW i3 by the end of 2019.

In the course of this, the previous 85 BMW i3s will also be replaced by the latest generation – the model with 42.2 kWh battery and 260 km-range. The remaining 115 i3 will not be added to the sharing fleet, but will replace combustion engines. According to BMW Board Member Peter Schwarzenbauer, the proportion of electric cars in the Share Now fleet is to be increased “gradually” from currently 16 per cent. The same applies to the business area, which has so far also limited space within the middle ring.

In addition, the local service provider Stadtwerke München will continue to expand the charging infrastructure in the Bavarian state capital. There are currently 460 public charging points with 920 charging points available in the city area. This number is to be increased to a total of 550 charging points, i.e. 1,100 charging points, on public land by next year.

Up to 1,655 additional charging points are to be built on residential buildings, commercial sites and public car parks by the end of 2020. In addition, up to 400 charging points will be built on public land by private providers.

“Electromobility is key to the transition to sustainable mobility in our city,” says Stephanie Jacobs, a health and environment officer at the City of Munich. “For air pollution control, health and climate protection, vehicles in our city must be emission-free wherever possible.” At the same time, she says that the transition to sustainable mobility must also include EV sharing options, as well as massive expansion of public transport.

That is a goal that Schwarzenbauer also supports. “We see ourselves as part of the solution to the challenges facing cities,” says the manager, who is responsible on the Board of Management for “Transforming Electric Mobility,” among other things. ” Collaborations such as this with the Department of Health and Environment of the City of Munich are therefore of strategic importance to us. Doubling the size of the electric Share Now fleet by the end of the year is only the first step.”


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