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Framo to present 40-tonne electric truck at NUFAM


The German electric-conversion specialist Framo will present its first fully-electric semitrailer tractor with 400 kW power at the end of September. Framo is also currently working on the market launch of the 3.0 battery generation with significantly increased energy density.

Since its foundation in 2014, the company has been developing battery-electric trucks in the 7.5 to 44-tonne gross weight range. To date, the system integrator has brought almost 30 vehicles onto the roads. Orders have been received for a further 45, mainly heavy semitrailer tractors.

The 40-ton electric truck that will soon be revealed at NUFAM, has a 231 kWh battery, which should enable a range of 130 to 150 km. Above all, the electric truck is intended for use in-plant logistics. “Our trucks are mainly used in just-in-time traffic between companies and in municipal services. The all-electric drive train ensures emission-free and low-noise driving. For this reason, FRAMO vehicles are not banned from driving in driving or environmental zones. Traffic in cities is thus possible at any time without any problems”, said managing directors Andy Illgen and André Beuchold, pointing out the significant advantages that their vehicles have over the conventional combustion engine.

The Framo team is also working on the market launch of the 3.0 battery generation. “Compared to the 2.0 generation, we have significantly increased the energy density. This means more range with the same installation space and thus lower weight. The system has a modular structure and can be scaled as required,” explained the company’s managing directors.

In addition to the higher energy density, Framo is also working on higher DC charging capacities. The Framo vehicles, designed for a range of up to 250 kilometres, currently still enable DC charging with up to 150 kW. From spring 2020, outputs of up to 300 kW should be possible.

At the moment, Framo is primarily manufacturing for plant logistics and municipal services, including the production of the first waste disposal vehicle for the City of Vienna in 2019. In addition, the company offers sustainable mobility for city logistics, the construction industry and other sectors. In addition to vehicles, the range also includes charging stations, battery, service and financing solutions. Framo electric trucks are also used in the iHub project, in the context of which DB Schenker is testing electric trucks in general cargo logistics in Berlin.

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