Sep 24, 2019 - 04:10 pm

Porsche develops precision measuring for HPC


Porsche has just announced that they have developed a DC charging meter that can identify the user, log the time of charging, and measure current, voltage, and time during the charging procedure. The Porsche DC Energy Meter is a meter for direct-current charging stations with an output of up to 350 kilowatts.

Until now, electric vehicle drivers had no access to measuring technology that conformed to calibration laws. There was no legally approved way to meter the electricity consumed during charging. In Germany, compliant metering requires conformity assessment and approval by the PTB, Germany’s national metrology institute. The PTB inspects technology systems to judge whether they comply with the various German measurement and calibration laws. Because certified DC high-power chargers did not exist, and their availability at the launch of the Taycan was uncertain, specialists at Porsche Engineering went and developed them themselves: The Porsche DC Energy Meter establishes the grounds for building a high-power charging infrastructure in time for the Taycan’s launch.

“We faced quite a challenge—we needed to design a system without actually knowing the precise requirements it needs to meet,” explains lead engineer Alexander Schneider-Schaper, who has been in charge of the project.

Now the hurdles in the way of rolling out the technology have been cleared. “At the moment, everyone is concentrating on the expansion of the existing infrastructure, even if not all specifications or standards are final,” said Schneider-Schaper. “This gives Germany the opportunity to act as pioneer and to establish the technology that is already certified and approved here.”


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