Volocopter completes first manned test flight


Volocopter has completed the first manned test flight with their 2X electric aircraft in Singapore. The pilot covered a distance of approx. 1.5 km at an average height of 40 meters.

Following tests in their native Germany, Volocopter moved testing to Singapore to test performance under local environment at Seletar Airport, in accordance with CAAS. The project has been in motion since 2018, with the aim to develop electric air travel.

“By working closely with companies such as Volocopter, we hope to facilitate innovations for beneficial uses whilst ensuring aviation and public safety,” said Mr. Ho Yuen Sang, Director (Aviation Industry) from CAAS. Florian Reuter, CEO of Volocopter said that “The flight today in Singapore was the most advanced Volocopter flight yet and the piloted flight was as stable as ever. At the same time, we are showcasing a prototype of our full-scale VoloPort Infrastructure, allowing for a realistic demonstration of air taxi boarding and maintenance services.”

The flight lasted for about two minutes, and was hailed as a success and “the most advanced Volocopter flight yet”. The piloted flight proved as stable as the developers had hoped, as well as providing the company for an opportunity to show their VoloPort infrastructure setup in action. “Never before have people been this close to experiencing what Urban Air Mobility in the city of tomorrow will feel like,” said the Velocopter CEO.

Before the air taxi technology will be commercially available in Singapore, further rounds of testing and safety certification will continue for the time being.



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