Energica e-motorcycles flow from racetrack to road


Energica has just presented the 2020 model year of its electric motorcycles at the EICMA in Milan. All of next year’s Energica models are now available with a new 21.5 kWh battery for longer range. The Italian motorcycle manufacturer also has a new model.

According to Energica’s Technical Manager Giampiero Testoni, 21.5 kWh is “the highest battery capacity ever offered in a standard electric motorcycle”. The lithium-polymer battery with this capacity will be available in all future models, while the Ego and Eva EsseEsse9 models will remain in the range with the previous 13.4 kWh battery (with 21.5 kWh they are called Ego+ and Eva EsseEsse9+ for differentiation). Additional advances have helped Energica shave more weight off of its bikes making them 5% lighter than previous models.

Livia Cevolini, CEO Energica Motor Company, said that the advances made to this year’s models were made possible through their “exclusive testing ground to try new technical solutions – with some of the best riders in the world. This support proved to be unlike anything else for our R&D, both for the racing and the production sides.”

According to Energica, the commitment to the new MotoE electric racing series has led to several technological improvements, including a higher-capacity battery. The Italian manufacturer is the sole supplier of MotoE motorcycles with its Ego Corsa model. “Last year Energica experienced an important ramp-up thanks to its close involvement in the MotoE project,” says CEO Livia Cevolini. The company experienced sales growth of 57 per cent compared to the previous year.

At the EICMA in Milan Cevolini explained: “We can now unveil the very first innovations achieved in this last year of racing that has transferred onto our road models – providing a clear and tangible advantage for Energica in the EV market as well as for all of our riders.”

With the new range of motorcycles for public streets, the 2020 model year will not only have more powerful batteries but also achieve a higher torque: 200 Nm for the Eva EsseEsse9+ and 215 Nm for the Ego+ and the new Eva Ribelle. According to the manufacturer, the range will increase by around 60 per cent. Energica speaks of 400 km in the city, 180 km on the motorway and 230 km for combined use.

The new Eva Ribelle will replace the Eva Streetfighter in the Italian portfolio. Thanks to an allegedly oil-cooled electric motor, it has an output of 107 kW, said 215 Nm torque, and, like any Energica model, can be fast-charged. The Eva Ribelle will be available in two colours: Stealth Grey and Rosso Corsa but will differ only slightly from its predecessor.,,,


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