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The city of Los Angeles has suspended Uber’s electric kick scooter and bike permits after the company refused to share data. The corporation rents electric vehicles via their subsidiary Jump and has until Friday to appeal or their permit will be permanently revoked.

If Uber does not comply with the ruling, it could result in the city confiscating the kick scooters. Out of the eight companies operating electric bike rental fleets in the city, Uber is the only one to refuse to provide their data to the city.

Uber and some privacy groups have said the collection of data is vulnerable to abuse of personal data. An Uber spokesperson said: “We believe that LADOT’s requirements to share sensitive real-time location data compromises our customers’ expectations of data privacy and security.” Colin Sweeney, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) spokesperson said that the city has strict privacy and confidentiality standards, and the data is not subject to public records requests, saying: “It’s held in the highest confidence. The city only collects data on scooters, not riders.”

Uber and recently acquired subsidiary Jump that operates the kick scooters and bikes, have said that they are willing to take the matter to court.


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