Nov 12, 2019 - 11:02 am

Daymak presents next-gen electric scooter


The Canadian manufacturer Daymak presents the second generation of its electric scooter Beast. The Daymak Beast 2.0 is designed for on-road and off-road use and features a lithium titanate battery.

Said power, according to Daymak, has a range of 50 km and can be fully charged within 20 minutes. The standard version is now available in the USA and Canada from 2,999 US dollars, the deluxe version with 60 km range costs 4,999 US dollars. “Go anywhere in the city or on off-road trails. Daymak’s Beast is the only electric scooter that really provides this option,” said Aldo Baiocchi, President of Daymak Canada. The first version of the Beast electric scooter had been designed with the carbon footprint as a guiding feature, while the next generation has more fun on (and off) the road at its core.

Next to basic technological upgrades, the second generation Beast also boasts more options – now it can be ordered in one of three trim options. The Ultimate version features the above-mentioned fast-charging and range of 50 km, thanks to a 60v 25ah lithium-titanate oxide (LTO) battery. With a life cycle up to 20,000 charges, this stands apart from the other versions. Interestingly enough, the Deluxe trim offers a worse battery with a higher range, up to 60 km, but only comes with a life cycle guarantee of 1,000 charges on the lithium-ion battery. Finally, a Standard version which can handle only 400 charges on its lead-acid battery is also available with the same 50 km range as the Ultimate trim.

The Standard version is available for purchase already, while the more advanced trims may take some additional time – deliveries for the Ultimate version are not expected to begin until 2020.

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