A workable electric bike-scooter folding to A3 size


Xiaomi Himo H1 electric bicycle has a moped-mode, an electric bike mode and a pedal mode and can fold up to the size of an A3 piece of paper. This very light (13 kg) electric moped/e-bike sports the symbol of the “Transformers” film and TV animation series on its folding frame. It’s a pop-culture weird, potentially very useful vehicle.

The Xiaomi Himo H1 electric bicycle is built of aluminium alloy frame which makes it so light but is apparently capable of bearing up to 90kg. The front side has a foldable handlebar to host an HD display on top.

The battery is removable so it can be refilled without having to put the light electric vehicle on its stand. Xiaomi says that the battery needs around 3 to 4 hours to charge and uses a 36V rated voltage to assist fast charging. Thi Himo H1 has a maximum speed of 18 km/h and 180W output power. This cute little gif shows that an adult male can indeed scoot around on the H1 without a problem.

Himo h1

The Himo H1 is made by one of China’s biggest mobile phone companies: but this isn’t Xiaomi’s foray into electric vehicles, quite the contrary. In 2016 we reported that Xiaomi was extending its two-wheeled product portfolio with the Mi Electric Scooter – a foldable, electric scooter with a top speed of 25 kph and 30-kilometre range, costing only 290 US dollars. The Chinese electronics giant followed up with a number of inexpensive e-bikes, such as the Himo V1 introduced last year for 269 US dollars, or the slightly larger Himo C20, a folding e-bike priced at 375 US dollars. The company also made an electric moped for 450 US dollars called the Himo T1.

Now Xiaomi has combined all light mobility modes in one with the Himo H1: it has the size and weight of a light kick-scooter, offers seated motorization like a moped, as well as electric-assist cycling and plain old pedal power. While it looks unusual, it’s not any less glamorous than a regular kick scooter.

On the price there seem to be differing options. On the company website XiomiToday, the Himo seems to be orderable from China for 700 US dollars “after 13% off on the original price”. However, electrek reports that Xiaomi is offering the Himo H1 in China for 2,999 yuan (approximately US $425).

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