Dec 5, 2019 - 01:35 pm

Ubitricity using green power from EDF for UK


Ubitricity has selected EDF Energy as its green power supplier for all its lantern charging points in the UK. More than 1,800 of these now exist in ten municipalities, including Liverpool, Portsmouth and central London districts such as Westminster.

The streetlamp charging points have an average charging capacity of 5.5 kW, bringing the total capacity of all Ubitricity charging points in the UK to 9.9 MW. The UK subsidiary of the French utility EDF will supply electricity from renewables for this in future, but EDF Energy does not mention the exact energy source in the communication.

“Charging electric vehicles at home has long been reserved for people who own a house with a driveway to park and charge their car,” says Philippe Commaret, Deputy Managing Director of EDF Energy. “We want to make sure everyone is welcome to the electric vehicle revolution and Ubitricity’s offer opens up new opportunities for low-carbon transport to drivers in cities across the UK”.

Most of Ubitricity’s UK charging points are located in London. Overall, the potential target group is large, as in the UK 40 per cent of all cars are parked overnight on the roadside – in metropolitan areas such as London, the rate is likely to be significantly higher in some districts due to a lack of parking space at the houses. Ubitricity’s charging solution usually requires a special cable with an integrated electricity meter and mobile radio module. In London, however, electric car drivers may access the stations with a standard cable and a mobile phone that scans the QR code.


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