Dec 7, 2019 - 03:00 pm

Repsol builds on charging networks with Ibil in Spain


Spain-based global oil and gas company Repsol has acquired the EV charging network of its subsidiary, Ibil. The acquisition of these networks and services includes the assets and contracts associated with these activities.

With the new acquisition, Repsol will now own a charging network in Spain of more than 230 points, in addition to the operation of 1,000 charging points for companies and private households.

Repsol and Basque Energy Board (EVE) created Ibil in 2010. Once the new agreement is completed, Repsol and EVE will continue to hold 50% stakes in Ibil. While Repsol says that Ibil will continue to concentrate on the installation and operation of infrastructure for both Repsol as well as third parties, petrolplaza reports that the subsidiary will “transform” its business model to focus on technological developments for the mobility and the energy transition to respond to the strong growth expected in these areas.

Repsol’s public network includes more than 50 fast-charging points, which are mainly located at Repsol service stations, as well as the first two ultra-fast facilities on the Iberian Peninsula. One of these charging points is located in Ugaldebieta (Biscay) and is home to four terminals capable of delivering up to 400 kW each.,


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  1. Robert Sanchez

    Everywhere there are gasoline and diesel pumps there should be electric chargers.

    Dual stream income for the business. I the US there are larger profit margins on beer, Cokes, candy and chips then liquid fuel sales.

    This is happening across Europe. Needs to come to America

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