SAE International to research safer charging


SAE International plans to set up an industry-led non-competitive research project to improve the safety of charging systems for electric vehicles. However, some points are still open.

The concrete goal is the safe implementation of Plug & Charge for the protocols ISO 15118 and CHAdeMO 2.0. In order to establish a uniform and secure charging infrastructure, SAE wants to develop a bidirectional authentication method between vehicle, charging station and the network together with industry. This method should support enhanced charging functions, improve security and ensure data protection, according to a SAE communication.

The SAE envisages that the partners will expand and operate a common worldwide public key infrastructure (PKI). With the evolution of the EV industry and the increasing complexity of digital connectivity and multi-party interaction, “a robust and industry-wide PKI is essential to create and maintain public confidence in the technology”.

“Currently, the proposed plug-and-charge implementations could create security gaps that could lead to cyber security risks for drivers and station operators,” said Jack Pokrzywa, Director of Global Ground Vehicle Standards at SAE International. “This initiative aims to achieve consensus on a PKI design that defines the level of security and trust between electric vehicles, charging stations and networks.”

SAE says it will use its experience from previous collaborative research programmes to bring industrial companies together to develop “a targeted solution for this critical application”. A timetable and the financing of the planned project are not mentioned in the communication.,


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