Dec 18, 2019 - 11:20 am

Electrify America & Bank of America partner up


Electrify America will cooperate with the Bank of America to install EV charging stations at “select financial center locations across the U.S.” Around 40 charging stations featuring a total 140 EV chargers will be available at select BoA locations by the end of 2020.

The locations included in the list of “select Bank of America financial center locations” are located in the states California, Georgia, Florida, Illinois, Oregon, Washington, Virginia, and Massachusetts. Customers from the bank will be able to access Electrify America‘s fast charging systems there, which will be available to charge with power from 150 to 350 kW.

These are not the first charging stations Bank of America has installed, which also has programmes for employees to financially motivate a switch to electrified vehicles. Currently, the bank has more than 100 charging stations installed at their locations for employees. This will expand that offer to customers, although customers will have to pay for the service themselves. The ease of access was also mentioned by David Tyrie, head of advanced solutions and digital banking at Bank of America: “We are focused on making it easier and more convenient for our clients to connect with us in any manner they choose, and we’re pleased to partner with Electrify America to offer on-site EV charging stations.”


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