Allego builds 1,300 more charge points in Flanders

Allego announced another major order from Belgium. Network operator Fluvius has commissioned Allego to install 1,300 additional charging points in Flanders. This is the fourth and final concession under the Flemish CPT (Clean Power for Transport) action plan.

With the CPT programme, the Flemish government is pushing the development of electric mobility in the northern Belgian region. The plan includes the construction of 5,000 public charging points in more than 300 Flemish municipalities by the end of 2020 and the installation of 400 private charging stations on residential buildings.

Allego, according to its statements the largest provider of public charging infrastructure in Belgium, has already won the three previous concessions under the action plan – among others in March 2017. A lot has happened since then. Allego says it has now placed more than 3,000 public charging points in the region. With the new contract, the charging infrastructure specialist will have ultimately installed 4,300 of the 5,000 public charging points.

Harold Langenberg, Allego Managing Director for the Benelux, is proud of this. However, he combines praise for the infrastructure offensive with criticism of the political leadership in the Flemish region and Brussels: “While many surrounding countries are now scaling up their ambitions to plan both EV charging infrastructure and build vehicle purchase premiums, Flanders and Brussels seem to be operating less actively. We are worried about that. We call on Flemish politicians to define a follow-up to the CPT programme as soon as possible, together with the sector.”

Allego operates numerous charging stations in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. With Ultra-E, the company is building up its network of high-power chargers, among other things. The company also offers charging solutions for private customers and companies, for example, for charging at the workplace. In December, Allego saw a change at the top of its management and board of directors: Mathieu Bonnet was appointed as the new CEO. His predecessor Anja van Niersen also replaced Sandra Lagumina as Chairman of the Supervisory Board.


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