Lightyear wants to build affordable EVs


Lightyear, the Dutch start-up company that emerged from the solar team at the TU Eindhoven, is planning a more affordable version of its long-distance solar car Lightyear One, for which a price of €149,000 has been announced. The upcoming models are expected only to cost a third of the One.

Lightyear now announces that the company intends to concentrate fully on the development of its core technology and outsource production. The ambitious goal is the series production of more than 100,000 solar cars per year from 2023 onward at a sales price of about 50,000 euros. Initially, production of an exclusive set of 946 vehicles is planned for 2021. Lightyear does not mention, which company will produce the vehicles in the announcement.

The Lightyear One was introduced in June 2019. Among the special features of the five-meter sedan are not only the solar cells but also the focus on efficiency. The WLTP range is to be 725 kilometres, and the battery, which has not yet been described in detail, is to be as small and light as possible. Together with a light and aerodynamic body and four efficient engines, the standard consumption is to be just 8.3 kWh per 100 kilometres (83 Wh/km). However, the price of at least 149,000 Euro will ensure that the Lightyear One will remain an exclusive car.

For the planned other models (the company itself speaks in the plural) the price is expected to drop to the mentioned 50,000 Euro. Lightyear does not give more details about size, drive or even body shape in the announcement.

This year, Lightyear’s focus will be on “developing its core technologies”, as the company writes. The goal is to bring the One to (small) production maturity, “to secure Lightyear’s competitive advantage”.

In plans, Lightyear intends to continue to work according to its credo of “making a positive impact through technological innovation”. “We are convinced that this is the way to grow, make our full impact and take our responsibility: Clean mobility for everyone, everywhere,” says Lex Hoefsloot, Lightyear’s CEO with confidence.

Most recently, the founders of Sono Motors in Germany had to learn what it can mean to hold on to your ideals and convictions. The turning away from financial investors and the current crowdfunding campaign are the result. Lightyear, too, is currently in a round of investments to finance serial production. The Lightyear platform and the exclusive small series of the One will then serve as a basis for attracting the investments required for the 2023 scale-up.

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