Jan 21, 2020 - 02:54 pm

UK doubles funding for charging infrastructure


The British government has doubled its funding for the installation of charging points on roads in residential areas next year to 10 million pounds – the equivalent of 11.75 million euros. This could finance up to 3,600 new charging points across the country.

Overall, the British government wants to make charging electric cars and plug-in hybrids easier and more convenient – especially for drivers without their own parking space who should nevertheless be able to charge the car overnight near their home.

According to Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps, electric cars should become the “new normal”. The government is also considering how information on all public charging points (location, charging capacity, free or occupied status) can be made available in real-time. “By doubling funding again for charge points on streets where people live and opening up data we are helping drivers easily locate and use affordable, reliable charge points whether at home or on the road,” Shapps said.

However, it is still unclear exactly how this data transfer will be implemented. The idea is that the information will be fed directly into navigation systems and route planning apps. There are currently around 24,000 charging points in Great Britain, but the distribution is uneven, especially in rural areas. Transport Secretary George Freeman sees this as partly the responsibilities of local authorities: “We urge local councils to make use of the funding available to ensure their residents feel the benefits of cleaner transport”.

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  1. Robert Sanchez

    Didn’t think the Johnson government would do or allow something like this. Heavily invested if only psychologically in BP and all. Glad it went through perhaps under the radar.

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