London doubles scrapping premium


In order to accelerate the switch to electric vehicles, London is doubling the scrapping premium for old vans with combustion engines to £7,000 (around 8,288 euros). Those who switch to an electric transporter even receive 9,500 pounds (approximately 11,248 euros) from the city.

The circle of companies that are entitled to the premiums will also be expanded: Previously, only small companies with fewer than ten employees were eligible for subsidies. Now companies with up to 50 employees will also be included.

The measure is intended to help support small businesses in view of the planned expansion of the London Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ). The zone will be extended to the northern and southern sections of the Ring Road next year. The amended ULEZ will then cover an area 18 times larger than the Ultra Low Emission Zone in central London.

In addition to owners of vans, Mayor Sadiq Khan plans to introduce a scrappage scheme for small businesses with heavy commercial vehicles in their fleets later this year. Trucks and buses that are not part of the TfL (Transport for London) network accounted for more than a third of the harmful pollution caused by traffic, according to an accompanying press release from the city. TfL is the umbrella organisation for London’s transport system and is currently working out the details of the programme. According to the Mayor’s Office, it is likely that the premium will be around £15,000 (about 17,750 euros).

“Our dirty air is a national health crisis that contributes to thousands of premature deaths every year. While bold action such as our Ultra Low Emission Zone is starting to make a difference in London, I want to ensure there is help for businesses making the switch to cleaner greener vehicles – whether you rely on a van, lorry or coach.” The Mayor also appeals to the national government: “While we’re doing all we can in the capital, we now need the Government to match our levels of ambition and fund a national scrappage scheme that supports all those small businesses who want to do the right thing and switch to cleaner vehicles across the UK”.



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