Jan 30, 2020 - 11:22 am

Berlin’s state politicians can choose a Tesla


Berlin’s senators and state secretaries can now also select a Tesla as their company car. The Model 3 has been added to the list of available company cars. One state secretary has already opted for the Californian vehicle.

State Secretary for Education Beate Stoffers has already chosen to lease a Tesla for her chauffered work vehicle: “I looked at the CO2 values and range, plus I like to support a company that invests in the Berlin region,” she explained.

Teslas were taken into the list of possibly company cars to choose from primarily because they also have a heating function even when the motor is off. This is particularly useful since the politician’s chauffers have to spend considerable time waiting while politicians have meetings or lunch. This is always a giveaway here in Berlin when politicians are lunching somewhere – there is always a string of bored-looking chauffers waiting in the company cars outside.

Head of the Senate Chancellery Christian Gaebler has decided for one of the other electric models listed: an Audi e-tron, which he will be able to use for around half the leasing price of the Tesla. Other politicians have been advised by state security services to get specially protected vehicles that have to be adjusted accordingly, but these probably won’t be taking a Cybertruck.

bz-berlin.de, tagesspiegel.de (both in German)


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