Shell doubles ultrarapid-charging stations in Germany


In addition to the already planned 50 HPC columns with 150 kW that Shell is building with the energy supplier EnBW, the oil company is now promising another 50 HPC columns in a second wave, apparently primarily in northern Germany.

At least that is what a statement by Adler Smart Solutions suggests: The Hamburg-based company claims to have been commissioned by Shell to design and implement 40 ultra-fast charging columns at a total of 20 Shell filling stations in northern Germany, each with an output of up to 175 kW. Ten suitable locations each in Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein and Berlin were selected. The installation of the 40 HPC columns in Northern Germany is scheduled to start in spring 2020.

Shell’s brief statement does not mention northern Germany. It only states in general terms that in a second wave, “100 additional fast charging points are to be set up at our filling stations”. “This will involve recharging exclusively with green electricity,” says Jan Toschka, head of the filling station business in the DACH region. As in the first wave announced in May 2019, the 100 quick charge points are 50 pillars with two charge points each. When the 40 HPC charging stations announced by Adler are built in northern Germany, ten columns will remain for the rest of Germany in the second wave.

The Dutch-British mineral oil company is currently in the process of establishing an entire ecosystem in the eMobility sector. Shell, for example, took over the German battery manufacturer Sonnen in February 2019, the charging infrastructure specialist NewMotion in October 2018 and, at the beginning of the year, the US company Greenlots, which also focuses on this field.

In mid-December, Shell installed the first HPC column in Germany at the filling station in Reutlingen. The charging columns are Hyperchargers from Alpitronic. Shell’s partner EnBW is now increasingly using such columns in the pure CCS version along the motorways, and Shell wants to bring them (also with a CHAdeMO connection) into the cities as well. (in German)


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Robert Sanchez
05.02.2020 um 17:41
Swords into plow shares analogy may apply here. I know that BP, Total, Petro Canada are planning on having charging ports at their gas stations. Dual income stream. Being that profit margins are higher for chips, soft drinks and cigarettes this may not be such a threat to the station owner.

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