Feb 26, 2020 - 11:32 am

Montréal says no to kick-scooters


Many cities have struggled with the adoption of electric scooters and the micromobility vehicles have had a mixed, often negative response. Now a city is throwing in the towel: After a pilot project last year, Montréal is now banning electric kick scooters from the city.

The reasons given for the decision include the sometimes reckless driving style of the users and the fact that only about 20 per cent of the electric scooters were properly parked after rental. However, those criticising the ban point out that the city offered far too few designated parking spots for the scooters, and those available were often inconveniently located and poorly signposted. The city was also criticised for too easily giving up on the micromobility vehicles after only 90 days trial despite high usage.

Other problems during the trial were users not wearing helmets as required. This point is contentious since many cities – often those with a far higher uptake of cycling and micro-mobility usage – do not insist that cyclists and kick-scooter riders wear helmets.

Lime general manager Michael Markevich said “With more than 200,000 trips and 50,000 riders in just three months, it’s clear there was a real demand for greener, more convenient transportation options. We remain open to solutions that address the city’s concerns and are eager to bring the program back as soon as possible.”

With additional reporting from Carrie Hampel

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2 Kommentare zu “Montréal says no to kick-scooters

  1. Laurent Lizotte

    En effet, il serait assez facile de régler le problème. L’application pourrait forcer les utilisateurs à prendre une photo de leur stationnement et il pourrait recevoir une ammande si l’endroit était innaproprié.

    Montréal devrait réviser cette position. De plus, les vélos Jump sont encore disponible et ils sont beaucoup plus dangereux. Ils sont très encombrant et vont vraiment vite.

    Avec un projet pilote avec un temps aussi limité qui démontre une grande popularité de ce mode de transport et la grande ouverture de Lime et Bird à améliorer le système il est très regrettable que Montréal, une ville avec une vision pourtant futuriste, ne désire pas travailler l’amélioration de ce système.

  2. Norman

    People should learn to ride a kick scooter properly first.

    Points should be taken from a persons riding record for
    making serious mistakes and after so many points deducted a person should be forbidden to drive a kick scooter, and not determine the overall results for the majority of responsible people.

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