Feb 27, 2020 - 11:15 am

Cheeky driver steals power from the cops


In the German town of Mettmann, a Tesla driver charged his car via a socket in a construction site toilet. The driver showed a lot of chutzpah– the construction site was for a new police building, right next to an existing police building.

The man apparently said he didn’t realize he was doing anything wrong (wink, wink)… but the police weren’t buying it. Unfortunately for the man, the police charged him for breaking into the construction site as well as “power theft”. The police also told him that next time, he should just walk into the police station and ask for help instead of stealing their power.

Apparently there actually was also a 50 kW charging site just a few hundred metres away that he could have used. But in a last twist, when the police published the report of the power theft on their Facebook page, one of the users commented: “Oh dear, the poor guy – he was at the Pizzaria before, but the charging station was already occupied.”

spiegel.de, express.de, presseportal.de (all in German)


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27.02.2020 11:22