Mar 10, 2020 - 11:24 am

Self-driving delivery bot trundles around Ann Arbor

Refraction AI delivery bot

Refraction AI is currently testing its autonomous REV-1 e-trike in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Looking like a cargo-bike without the rider, the self-driving electric cargo bot can carry up to 40 kilos of groceries, food, or medicine and has a top speed of about 20 kph. In times of quarantines, this EV may come in handy although its operation radius is limited to a mile.

The self-driving delivery bot can drive on either bicycle paths or on the road since it is qualified under e-bike regulations because of its light-weight and low-power. The REV-1 can drive it all kinds of weather conditions. One of the videos on the company’s website shows the bot travelling through snowy streets.,

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