Mar 18, 2020 - 05:21 pm

NYC re-legalises e-bikes amid Corona crisis


While most movements are restricted, the Covid-19 pandemic has some positive effects. New York City just shelved its ban on electric bicycles to help support food deliveries during the coronavirus crisis.

The ban had been long in place and was mostly to cut down on throttle-controlled e-bikes. However, it also outlawed pedal-assist bikes and has long been considered discriminatory because it mainly affected foreign workers. In short, those that deliver (fast) food.

Now that the coronavirus is spreading ever more quickly, many restaurants in New York have shifted to take-away and delivery-only options. In response, New York City has decided to suspend its ban on electric bicycles temporarily. This means that the NYPD will no longer issue tickets or confiscate electric bikes during the crisis.

Things may not look up just yet but let’s send a ‘Huge Thanks’ to the workers out there delivering food to those in deliberate self-isolation.


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    “temporarily” suspend it says. So who would go buy a delivery vehicle just to have them take it from him 4 months from now?!

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