Mar 19, 2020 - 06:28 pm

Fermata Energy gets V2G certification from UL

Fermata Energy announced its bidirectional charging system is the first to be certified to the new North American safety Standard UL 9741. The standard covers V2G equipment.

UL self-describes as a leading global safety science company. According to Francisco Martinez, business development director of UL’s Energy Systems and eMobility division, the company’s role is in “making the most of the stored energy in electric vehicles is to help ensure that this happens safely”.

As with all V2G solutions, Fermata’s technology uses bidirectional charging to turn electric vehicles into sources of energy for use by the power grid. David Slutzky, CEO and founder, Fermata Energy said they were “excited to be the first company to receive UL 9741 certification and look forward to partnering with other organizations to advance V2G applications”.

Other charging standards also enable bidirectional charging like ChaDeMo, mostly Asian manufacturers, and CCS in Europe is preparing to do the same.


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