Jun 16, 2020 - 03:37 pm

First images of the Citroën ë-C4

Citroën has published first pictures of the new C4 and its purely electric offshoot ë-C4. The new C4 shares only the name with its predecessors, the French company have said goodbye to the classic compact car. Information about the technology of the ë-C4 is not yet available.

The official world premiere of the new Citroën C4 and ë-C4 will take place on 30 June when more details about the model will be revealed. However, in view of the other plug-in hybrids and electric cars from the PSA Group, it is unlikely to come as a surprise; PSA currently uses its drives in as many different models as possible. For the BEV, this is would be the 100 kW drive, which in passenger car models is combined with a 50 kWh battery.

Citroën speaks in the communication of a “comeback in the compact sedan segment”, but the pictures now published show that the C4 is not a Golf-style compact car, but rather a five-door SUV coupe. The body is raised in the typical SUV style, with dark plastic applications all around for a robust look. “The elegance and dynamism of a sedan are cleverly combined with the powerful character of an SUV,” says the communication.

Via the large windows and a glass panoramic roof, a lot of light is to enter the interior, which is to provide “well-being on board” with “high-quality and warm materials”. A particularly comfortable suspension and special comfort seats together with the “generous amount of space” are intended to round off the dignified overall impression. Citroën also promises a “unique innovation” for the co-driver, which will be presented at the world premiere.


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  1. Andrew

    Where is the ë-c4 Picasso or Grand? This looks just like a rebranded 2008 or 3008.

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