Jun 28, 2020 - 06:08 pm

Madrid upgrades the public fast-charging network


Madrid is expanding the fast-charging station network as they add twelve new DC chargers, bringing the number of rapid charging points in the Spanish capital to 45. The aim is to increase the system to 150 DC-units in 2023.

Together with the AC chargers, a total of 153 charging points are currently available to e-car drivers in Madrid with the addition of the twelve new DC spots. Besides, there are 261 charging points for the municipal fleet that are not open to the public.

When looking at fast-charging only, The city of Madrid has already added 45 in total public access (31 on public land and 14 on private property). Between January and April, the area has this increased its fast-charging points by 36 per cent (from 33 to 45 units).

The delegate of the area, Carajante Borja, highlighted the Madrid City Council’s commitment to the transition to sustainable mobility. “We have set ourselves the goal of expanding the network to reach 150 fast charge points in 2023,” he said.

To this end, the Madrid City Council has come to a cooperation agreement with IBIL Gestor de Carga del Vehífico Eléctrico SA and Gestión Inteligente de Cargas SL (GIC). These operators (CPOs) are in charge of the charge point and service. They are obliged to ensure the optimal operation, and the energy must come from 100% renewable sources. The recharge price is set at 45 cents per kilowatt.

The new initiative for publicly accessible rapid charging is part of the ‘Madrid 360’ climate-protection strategy. Again collaboration agreements were signed in January with the principal utilities in the Spanish capital, UFD, i-DE and Red Eléctrica de España.

Also in terms of public transport, Madrid now operates two zero bus lines reportedly. Again its os Madrid’s city administration driving the initiative together with the municipal Empresa Municipal de Transportes (EMT), also in line with the ‘Madrid 360‘ strategy. The plan includes the complete retrofitting of the EMT bus fleet. Besides, EMT and i-DE have signed an agreement not only to advise and facilitate the electrification of the urban bus network but to also install charging points for electric vehicles in parking lots and public spaces managed by the EMT.



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