Circontrol ups the use of contactless payment solutions


Circontrol will include a contactless payment system at its charging stations in most European countries. The contactless payment system had already been implemented in almost 400 fast chargers in the UK.

The Spanish manufacturer of EV charging services and efficiency solutions for car parks says that the introduced payment system is easy, quick and convenient. With contactless payment drivers only have to connect the car, charge and pay by phone or credit/debit card without having to enter a PIN.

This means that customers do not have to download a mobile app or register with a service that provides a card to make the payment at charging stations as is currently required at many charging stations. These steps are removed when a contactless payment system is integrated into the charging station.

The need for contactless payment has increased with the Corona crisis. Circontrol says that with their contactless system, users can pay for the service by simply waving their contactless card or phone over the terminal. This is possible provided the transaction does not exceed the payment limit, which has been increased in most countries as a result of COVID-19. In the UK for example, the system supports the contactless payment of up to 45 GBP.


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