GreenMobility is launching electric car-sharing in Finland


After the Danish electric car-sharing provider GreenMobility expanded to Sweden in June, the launch in Finland is to follow this year: In the fourth quarter, GreenMobility plans to start with a fleet of 200 electric cars in Helsinki.

To date, GreenMobility has 400 electric cars in its home city of Copenhagen and 200 electric cars in the Swedish cities of Malmö and Gothenburg. In addition, the car sharing specialist operates another branch with 100 electricians in Aarhus, Norway, together with NRGi.

The aim is to offer electric car-sharing in all major Nordic cities, the company states in an accompanying press release. GreenMobility expects synergies on its expansion course through the joint customer service, joint marketing and the joint platform. In addition, customers will be able to travel back and forth between the Nordic cities. More than 75,000 people have already registered with GreenMobility, according to the company.

In Finland, GreenMobility now wants to establish itself only in Helsinki and possibly already in Espoo and Vantaa by 2021. With its strong focus on innovative green solutions, the Finnish capital is an ideal market, the provider says. Among other things, the city has a detailed action plan to become carbon neutral by 2035.

As in all cities, journeys in Helsinki will in future be paid per minute. The provider does not yet provide further details. In Copenhagen, four Danish kroner per minute will be charged for regular trips. That is equivalent to 54 cents. Besides there are minute packages and further subscriptions that make trips cheaper.

In the current announcement of the Danish company, the Austrian capital Vienna is not mentioned. In February it was said that GreenMobility wants to launch there with 400 electric vehicles probably in the second half of 2020. With this in mind, GreenMobility signed a letter of intent with the Viennese public transport operator ÖAMTC at the beginning of the year.



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