AAA Car Subscription and Electrify America in Sacramento

In the USA, AAA Car Subscription now offers 55 Volkswagen e-Golf electric vehicles for short-term subscription in the Sacramento area. The offer is part of  Electrify America’s Green City initiative.

Through AAA Car Subscription EV service, members can now get a 2018 Volkswagen e-Golf with insurance, repairs, maintenance and emergency roadside assistance for a monthly subscription fee.

Terms range from three months to a year and the offer includes different monthly mileage options to choose from. With Electrify America’s support, the AAA subscription program offers significant discounts for residents of low-income and disadvantaged communities. Electrify America says that the offer can get Sacramento residents in an EV for about $11 a day.

“Our association with Electrify America is making it easier than ever to enjoy the benefits of driving an electric vehicle and includes additional discounted options for low income and disadvantaged communities,” said Matt Alfano, Vice President Mobility Innovation of AAA Northern California, Nevada & Utah. “AAA Northern California has been helping keep drivers on the road for more than 100 years and now we’re making it easier for drivers to experience the freedom and advantages of driving an electric vehicle.”

It seems Sacramento is somewhat of a forerunner for the Volkswagen subsidiary Electrify America with its investment of more than $40 million in the Green City initiative. This has so far resulted in what Electrify America says is the highest per-capita density of Electrify America ultra-fast chargers in the country.

The AAA’s Car Subscription EV service now joins a number of other car-share and public transit mobility services in Sacramento supported by Electrify America’s Green Cities investment. These include a car-sharing program operated by Envoy aimed at those residing in lower-income and disadvantaged housing communities, a city-wide on-demand car-sharing service operated by Gig Car Share as well as public transit electric bus and shuttle-bus programs and a total of 58 charging points at 13 charging sites across the city.


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